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Why Should You Wear A Face Mask?

Posted by Admin on February, 13, 2021

The pandemic Covid-19 has reshaped our life as we all are aware of. Many of us are staying at home, avoiding people gathering and changing our everyday habits like going to work and school in ways that we have never imagined. As we are changing our old habits and behaviour, we are adopting new routines. The first habit that we have started following is wearing a mask to cover our nose and mouth whenever we are in public places.

Based on the work that we have done before the disease, we know that clear, consistent message about what people can do to protect themselves and their community. By that measure, the messaging on masks has been confusing. Early in the pandemic, the general public was told not to wear masks. This was driven by the longstanding recognition that standard surgical masks are not sufficient to protect the wearer from the pathogens and also the concern about diverting the limited supplies from the healthcare settings.

Science is the pursuit of understanding and knowledge and it inevitably changes the way one sees the world. Thanks to the efforts of the scientist all around the world, we have compressed years of research on the virus Covid-19 into months. This has led to the rapid evolution of the recommendations and policies and also some skepticism about expert advice.

Following are some of the things that we have learnt.

• Face coverings and masks can prevent the wearer from transmitting the virus Covid-19 to others and this might also provide some protection to the user. Plenty of studies show that covering the face can contain droplets that are expelled by the wearer. This can be responsible for the transmission of the disease or virus in great amount. This ‘source control' approach reflects the shift in thinking from the medical perspective to the perspective of public health. One should choose the best Foliodress face mask suppliers and get products from them. Wearing masks can prevent the spread of the virus.

• People are usually unaware that they are carrying the virus Covid-19. It is been found that around 40% of people are asymptomatic but potentially they can transmit the disease or virus to other people as well. Without the screening test, there are no other ways to identify people who are silently transmitting the virus to other people. Therefore wearing a face mask is important.

• The face masks can reduce virus transmission in the community by providing anyone, including people who are unaware that they are carrying the virus from spreading it to others. According to the experts, masks worn by a significant amount of people along with other measures can help in a substantial reduction in the number of cases and also deaths.

Masks are the perfect barriers to the spreading of viruses. You should surely wear a mask whenever you leave your house and are in public places. Wearing masks, maintaining social distance and using sanitizer can help reduce the spread of the virus and things will slowly come back to normal. Choose the best Foliodress face mask suppliers and get good quality face masks from them.

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